2018 Canadian Open presented by Prodigy Disc Canada

PDGA logoSat-Mon, September 1-3, 2018 at Toronto Island Park in Toronto, Ontario
A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to the Eleventh Annual Toronto Area Disc Golf Tournament (formerly the TIML) and the 2018 Canadian Ope ... more
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Brian Morba    August 31 at 5:21pm

Are the gold pads the long pads? Do we play to the blue baskets?


Chad Simpson    August 30 at 6:57pm

Hey Chris.. I won't be able to make it. Casey will be grabbing my players pack for me.


Christopher Lowcock    August 24 at 6:52pm

For the 39 players that registers for this event before August 24th, your name has been put into a draw for a chance to win

1 - Prodigy T1 Professional Portable Target - $450 US Value - 1st Place Prize
1 - Prodigy T2 Professional Portable Target - $400 US Value - 2nd Place Prize
1 - 16 lb. Portable Target - $125 US Value - 3rd Place Prize
1 - 12 lb. Mobile Target - $100 US Value - 4th Place Prize

4 - Draws will be made on Friday, August 24 at 5:59:59 PM to AWARD these prizes!



James Howell    August 22 at 2:07am

This will be my first time going to check out and spectate at a real tournament- I'm curious, will there be disc companies or vendors there selling? Thanks

Christopher Lowcock   August 22 at 1:06pm


James Howell   August 26 at 4:16am

OK thanks

Jeremy Hoeltke    August 20 at 7:08pm

What exactly is the player pack for AMs? And what will the "performance based" awards be? Thank you.

Christopher Lowcock   August 21 at 2:16pm

Healthy Prodigy Players packs...3 Custom Discs - 1 BP-3 Backpack - 1- 32 oz water bottle - 1 Mobile Popgrip & Stand - 1 Towel - 1 Mini Disc - 1 Shirt & 1 Hat.

Christopher Lowcock   August 21 at 2:18pm

These will be Prodigy products such as....PRODIGY ACE SOFT SHELL JACKET or PRODIGY ACE HALF ZIP or PRODIGY ELEMENTS JACKET and other swag

Jeremy Hoeltke   August 21 at 2:35pm

Thank you for the information.

Brian Morba    August 18 at 2:44pm

Is there anymore information available somewhere about the tournament format or details besides that there will be a basket raffle?

Christopher Lowcock   August 19 at 12:51pm

Brian other than what is currently listed regarding tee times...I'll be waiting for registration to close on the 23rd and then be sending out a general communication to the field in the week following!

Brian Morba   August 20 at 11:29am

Ok sounds good, thank you

Judd D    August 16 at 9:50pm

Pumped to be registered for the Canadian Open! Coming in from Las Vegas, come join the fun locals!


Christopher Lowcock    August 12 at 5:04pm

We have added over $1000 US worth of Prodigy TARGETS TO GIVEAWAY to help us get back on Target!

For everyone that registers for this event, your name will be put into a draw for a chance to win

1 - Prodigy T1 Professional Portable Target - $450 US Value
1 - Prodigy T2 Professional Portable Target - $400 US Value
1 - 16 lb. Portable Target - $125 US Value
1 - 12 lb. Mobile Target - $100 US Value

4 - Draws will be made on Friday, August 24 to AWARD these prizes!

Brad Schick   August 23 at 2:43am

Are you going to Facebook Live the drawing for these?

Ben Loggains    August 11 at 6:20am

is there going to be $4000 in added cash regardless of turnout? A couple of us from BC were planning to make the stop but the Monday move makes things a little tight with worlds...just trying to make an informed decision

Christopher Lowcock   August 11 at 6:05pm


Christopher Lowcock    August 7 at 8:39pm

We recently made the following changes after consulting with the City re our permits and are awaiting an update to the PDGA site re our dates to reflect September 1st to September 3rd

We've dropped Etobicoke from the mix and switched to Saturday through Monday on the Island only!

Christopher Low****- 2018 Canadian Open TD


Mike Love    August 7 at 3:18pm

with only 3 weeks to go until the tournament and with 23/144 signed up...I am going to ask what most people are thinking, is this tournament even going to happen?

Christopher Lowcock   August 7 at 8:37pm

Yes it will happen and we've made a couple of changes to the dates and the courses - We've dropped Etobicoke from the mix and switched to Saturday through Monday on the Island only!

Mike Love   August 8 at 2:00pm

excellent news! I dont think there have been any posts about this event on Facebooks Disc golf Ontario page. I dont think most people in the community even check discgolfontario.com and maybe don't even know this tournament is happening.

Scott Jameson    August 3 at 2:32am

I would love to play, but it seems like taking the Friday off on an already long weekend is a deterrent for many people. Any consideration in using the three days of the long weekend instead? I realize this might take centennial out of the picture, but the current registration numbers kind of speak for themselves. Centennial definitely deserves a tournament, but it may have to face the reality and schedule it in early spring or late fall. EVC reboot?!

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Scott Jameson   August 8 at 9:21pm

Good call Chris. What happened to the added cash? Just noticed it dropped $1000?

Christopher Lowcock   August 9 at 4:25pm

I'm going to encourage people to register through a mass email and give away $1000 worth of Targets as the incentive

Scott Jameson   August 10 at 7:06pm

Please put me on that [email redacted]