12th Annual No Quarter at New Quarter

Sat-Sun, June 13-14, 2020 at New Quarter Park in Williamsburg, Virginia
Disc golf singles tournament

12th Annual No Quarter at New Quarter graphic

About this tournament

PDGA Event Page: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/44102
View Live Scoring: https://www.pdga.com/apps/tournament/live/event?eventId=44102
Score Keeping: http://pdga.com/score (Access code on the sign at hole 1)
(UPDATE 6/13) I have three MPO tee times and one MA1 (9:45) tee time available for Sunday. Registration has been reopened until midnight. First come, first serve.
(UPDATE 6/11)
TEE TIMES (tee times are on the PDGA tournament pages for each day)
The first round each day is set to begin at 8:00am. The second round tee times are expected to begin at approx 12:30pm.
On Saturday, the groups will be teeing off in 12 minute intervals. The first two divisions in the morning (MA50 and MA40) will be regrouped by their first round scores. The second round will begin one hour after the last card in said division turn in their scores. The ladies will remain in the same group each round. The Intermediate and Rec division will remain in the same group for both rounds. The second round tee time for each group will be one hour after their scores are turned in. If you leave the park for lunch, please be back BEFORE your tee time.
On Sunday, the groups will be teeing off in 15 minute intervals. All divisions will be regrouped by their first round scores. The second round tee times will begin one hour after the last card in each division turns in their scores.
On Saturday, speed of play could be a factor. Please be ready to throw when it is your turn. If a disc is lost, please enforce the 3 minute rule. I would like to prevent back ups from happening. If you do end up waiting with a group in front of you, maintain your social distance.

(UPDATE 6/7) - The hole illustrations with basket locations for the tournament layout is posted under the pictures tab here. Each illustration includes short and long tee distances. Hole specific rules are included and par.
The baskets are currently in their tournament positions at the park. The temporary baskets for 5B and 5C will go out later this week. If the weather becomes a factor, the extra holes will not be used. That call will be made closer to Saturday morning.

Welcome back to the 12th Annual No Quarter at New Quarter

Please read the following carefully before signing up for this event
First and foremost, safety during this age of Covid 19 is of the utmost importance.
Players, staff, and volunteers are expected to follow guidelines set forth by the state of Virginia, York County, and the PDGA. Please review the PDGA guidelines here: https://www.pdga.com/pdga-documents/tour-documents/requirements-and-best-practices-pdga-sanctioned-play-during-covid-19
You will also be required to sign a waiver during your registration. If you cannot follow these guidelines, please do not register. If you are found in violation of any of these guidelines, you may be asked to leave the park and disqualified from the event.

I have been working with New Quarter Park in order for us to get back out and play tournament golf. There are some additional guidelines that we will need to follow while we are at the park.
- Please do not arrive before 30 minutes of your tee time
- Do not congregate in the parking lot
- Players may warm up in the baseball field and at the practice basket before their tee time.
- Please stay off of the disc course unless your playing in a round.
- Groups on the course will be no larger than 5 people (up to 4 players and one scorekeeper and/or tournament official)
- There will be NO player's meeting at the park before the first round
- There will be NO awards ceremony at the end of the day.

Registration will be online only. Walk ups will not be taken at the park.
Registration will close at 12am Thursday in order to set the tee times and plan for any changes that may be needed.

Amateur division will receive a player's pack valuing at least $25. More information will be provided very soon.

Pro divisions will be paid out through paypal or by mail. Alternate contactless options may be available if needed. Cash will not be exchanged at the park.

Amateur divisions will be trophy only and will be presented to the winners before they leave the park.

2 rounds of 20 holes

Saturday (ALL AMs except MA1)
Round 1 - short tees
Round 2 - short tees

Sunday (ALL PROs including MA1)
Round 1 - short tees
Round 2 - long tees

The baskets positions will be in mixed locations and the layout will be provided with your player's meeting document. Baskets will stay in their locations for the day.

Tee times will be assigned to each division then into individual group tee times after registration closes. Tee times will begin at 8am each day and the last first round tee time will be approx 11:15am if the tournament fills.

Division approximate times:

8am - MA40, MA50
9am - FA1, FA2, FA3
9:30am - MA2
10:30am - MA3

8am - MP40, MP50
9am - FPO
9:30am - MPO
10:30am - MA1

Please make note that if your first round tee time is later in the morning, that means your second round tee time will be later in the afternoon and you could potentially be finishing after 7pm. Sunset on tournament weekend is approx 8:30pm

Scores will be updated after the first round and players will be regrouped by score before the second round. Your second round tee time will be posted online and at the park.

Lunch will not be provided. Lunch will be 45 minutes after the last group in your division submits their scores. If you leave the park during lunch, make sure you are back BEFORE your second round tee time.

Our normal player's meeting will not take place at the park. A player's meeting document will be provided here with all the course information you will need for the day. This will include specific course rules, out of bounds, and mandos. The course layout with basket positions, distances, and hole pars will also be provided.

This tournament will not use traditional scorecards during your rounds. All scoring will be done online through the PDGA live scoring. Please familiarize yourself with this scoring here at: https://www.pdga.com/help/tournament-management/official-hole-scoring#scorekeeping
If you are unable to keep score, please let me
know. I need to have at least one person in each group that can keep score digitally.

Refund policy

Colonial Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


New Quarter Park
Williamsburg, VA   Get Directions

Final Results

1Charles Behrhorst5964123$300
2Brian Schweberger6164125$150
3Jonathan Burns6567132$120
4Austin Pfaff6568133$40
4Cody Bradshaw6172133$40
6Ricky Snapp6573138
7Frederick Pickard6772139
8Michael Cole7174145
9Aaron Hellman7783160
Pro 40+
1Carl Jones6674140$200
2Cory Lucas6778145$125
3Jason Antonacci7076146$90
4Keith Eberle6879147
5Josh Twyman8087167
5Will Broadwell8681167
Pro 50+
1Mark Barber6378141$200
2Eric Vandenberg6874142$125
3Chuck Aiken III6878146$90
4Mike Bonday7077147
5Chris Hysell7178149
5James Vivirito7574149
Pro 60+
1Will Lewis6977146$200
2Stone Wahl7382155$100
3Jeff Shattuck7482156
4Robert Harris7681157
Open Women
1Elaine King7278150$200
2Wendy Boettcher7692168$100
3Kat Douglas8291173
4Erin Snapp8394177
1Sheldon McGhee6171132
2Beckett Crossman6768135
3Brian Miller6671137
4Austin Kelleher6970139
4Dustin Phipps6772139
6Kyle Wilson6873141
7Jarrette Shoemaker6877145
7Joshua Nicholson6976145
7Owen McCall7075145
10Aaron Bouchard7176147
11Christopher Baines7079149
11Jason Mcguckin6881149
13Cade Woolley7575150
14Timothy Matt7477151
15Adam Bulles7680156
15Matt Dodge7779156
17Clayton Scarborough7388161
18Leslie Peed7785162
18Timothy Eck7884162
20Kris Garin7789166
Amateur 40+
1Robert Sheren6868136
2Wes Landfear7171142
3Cory Schick7073143
4Jason Glass7869147
5Kyle Moyer7577152
6Joshua Strick9190181
7Scott Cook94103197
Amateur 50+
1Shawn Petersen6869137
2Billy Hunter7571146
3Stephen Knox7276148
4Hunter Old7577152
5Jeffrey Brisendine8484168
1Ross Oliveira6271133
2Benjamin Jacoby6668134
2Joshua Nicholson6767134
2Nathan Bradley6668134
5Luke Charters7166137
5Shawn Coover7166137
7Peter Lyon7168139
7Robert M6970139
9Aaron Hackett7071141
9Joseph Rowe6774141
11Mark A Metz7270142
11Michael Barker6973142
13LA Willis7370143
13Randy Preston7271143
15Greg “Liger Woods” Placides7173144
16John Rynders II7570145
16Kyle Tyson7273145
16TJ Auth7372145
19Donald Miller6779146
20Bubba Lee7770147
21Alicia Knox7474148
21Tyler Eby7771148
21Tyler Shalaski7672148
24DeLuca Wallding7477151
24Edward Merry7477151
24Peter McReynolds7774151
27William Sweet7874152
28Raymond Brown7975154
28Vic Kintanar8074154
30Matt Meier7976155
31Marshall Minor7978157
31Phil Prichard7582157
33Dale Caudle7587162
34Justin Allen8479163
35Chris Britt8777164
35Tommy Douglas8579164
37Tommy Miller8781168
1Aaron Reynolds7175146
2Rob Stark7573148
3John Joeckel7475149
4Christian Mount7477151
5Andrew Kipps7676152
6Greg Marble7777154
7Trevor Frazier7878156
8Austin Gerber8478162
9Zach Carrothers8281163
10Jeffrey Matthews8680166
11Jarrad Wisherd8285167
12Shane Standlick8088168
13Danny Weatherly8588173
13Keith Forbes8885173
15Avery Saada9184175
16Ryan Roasa8493177
17Mark Matthews9188179
18Adam Nelson10294196
19Hugh Winslow109102211
Intermediate Women
1Mary Beth Moody7883161
2Cortney Cooper8782169
3Mary Rousis8586171
Recreational Women
1April Sargent118114232