12th Annual Ironman

Saturday, June 12, 2010 at McNaughton Park in Pekin, Illinois
Disc golf singles tournament


12th Annual Ironman graphic


Tournament DirectorTimothy Wright

About this tournament

5 Courses - 100 Holes in 1 day. (We will add 2 temp holes per course.)

Registration/Check-in from 5:45 to 6:15 AM at McNaughton Park in Pekin.

Player’s Meeting at 6:25 AM, Tee off shorty after.

The field will be limited to 60 players (3 per hole).

How To pre-register: (3 different options)
1. (CLICK or paste this link in your browser) https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=K3UWZ8B7HZSFY

2. PayPal @ www.peoriadiscgolf.org (News Section or Forum Page)

3. You can sign up with Dustin Fee at Thursday Night Leagues OR You can also mail in registration. Just send your name, shirt size, and entry fee (Make Checks payable to the Peoria Frisbee Club) to:

Dustin Fee
618 Simon Dr
East Peoria, IL 61611

Entry Fee: $25
$5 of your entry fee will cover the cost of Lunch for each player. (Lunch will be Subway or Avanti’s sandwiches and chips, still trying to work out the best price).
Players will provide their own beverages for the day! Make sure to bring a cooler full of water, it will be a long, hot day!!
$6 of your entry fee will cover the cost of your IRONMAN T-shirt.
$7 of your entry fee will go toward end of the day Stroke Play payouts.
$7 of your entry fee will go toward end of the day Skins Play payouts.
100% of the players will have a frickin' awesome time playing 100 HOLES OF DISC GOLF!!!

Order of Courses:
1) McNaughton Park in Pekin
2) Northwoods Park in Morton
3) Washington Park in Washington
4) ICC in East Peoria
5) Bradley Park in Peoria

LUNCH will be served at Washington Park, before the 3rd round of play.

Divisions: There is only one division, however there are 2 ways to win!

1) Stroke play: Strokes will be counted like a traditional disc golf round. The top 50% of the field with the lowest score will be paid out in funbux at the end of the day.

2) Skins Play: You will earn a skin if you card a better score on a hole than everybody else in your group. Skins play will begin at the start of the 2nd round of the event. Since we are playing 80 holes in rounds 2 through 5, you have the chance to take 100 skins! The top 50% of the field with the most skins at the end of the day will be paid out in funbux.

Skins: All players will be grouped randomly for the first round. There will be no skins play during the first round. After that, players will be grouped by their “stroke play” score for all subsequent rounds, and skins play will begin. To win a “skin” you must card the best score of the players in your group on a particular hole (i.e., Hole 1, Dustin: 3 , Nate: 3, Tim: 2. Tim would take the skin for hole 1 with a birdie 2). If there is a tie on a hole, that skin will carry over so that the next hole is worth 2 skins. And if there is a tie on that hole, it carries over to 3 skins, etc. At the end of the round, if there are any unclaimed skins still carried over, they will be split evenly among the group. Any odd skins left over will go the player with the best stroke play score on the card for that round.

If you have any questions, contact Dustin Fee at (515)238-9347 ([email redacted]) or Tim Wright at (309)267-0880 ([email redacted]).

Final Results


$98.00 for Hole 12 @ Illinois Central College on Main course, Ironman
Round 1: McNaughton Park - Ironman, 20 holes, par 60
Round 2: Northwood Park - Ironman, 20 holes, par 60
Round 3: Washington Park - Ironman, 20 holes, par 60
Round 4: Illinois Central College - Ironman, 20 holes, par 60
Round 5: Bradley Park - Ironman, 20 holes, par 60
1Grant Lonie5453515350261
2Nate Yemm5755515351267
3Trevor Dehmlow5555515452267
4John Hoffman6048555355271
5Dava Vicich6153555852279
6Spencer Wilken5954585653280
7Dustin Fee5757605852284
8Josh Weddle6359575750286
9Bruce Hill5460586054286
9Ryan Higgins6059565952286
11Curtis Hake6556526252287
12Dwight Powell6059595860296
13Chad Garlock6757595757297
13John Osborne6154566660297
15Brandon Pyell6558556357298
16Mike Harris6359626054298
17Travis Barnes6664635456303
18Timothy Wright6362586259304
19Wilbur Wallis6761615661306
20Rex Kilbore6864605857307
21Wes Jacobsen6662576460309
22Lucas Chase6465596160309
23Stu Thomas6762625961311
24Jim McCarty6968605958314
25Chris Majerczyk6364626363315
26Corey Jones6465645469316
27Brandon Morgan6264646662318
28Tom Austin6765616660319
29Dan Janes6866626164321
30Mitch Bankord6767655866323
30Stuart Johnson6672606263323
32Kyle Dillenburg7267626360324
32Spencer Clark7265596761324
34Matt McLoughin7269646357325
35Mike Forbush7367656558328
36Aaron Hedstrom7274606161328
37Chet Kemerling7165666265329
38Jeremy Parrish7072586664330
39Jeremy Petty6870596568330
40Matt Zaring7771635863332
41Josh Carter7470646264334
42Lee Maule7670616662335
43Damian Monti7571676560338
44Jesse Bolatto7471577364339
45Steve Nance7469626668339
46Ben Austin7769656667344
47Kenneth Little6572687663344
48Deryl Wright6973707063345
49Brian Murphy7376666863346
50Dan Roten7868716865350
51Steve Rodgers6560636499351
52Jeff Reynolds7876666468352
53Jonathan Harris7774676472354
54Mitch Forbus8666676968356
55Dario Murga8271656870356
56Kevin Bartlett8072706570357
57Cody Deemus7973716374360
58Larry Richardson8576656777370
59Dave Alexander8377777569381
60Mark Fleener8284727080388