Comments · 2023 Wintry Indiana Frozen Fundraiser Series (WIFFS)

January 7, 2023 - March 25, 2023   ·   23 events


Ben Storey   March 20 at 8:49pm

How do we handle points won in different divisions? Say I play 9 events in MA4 but play a 10th in MA40. Will points apply only in the division I play the majority of my tourneys in, or will different division points ultimately be removed for final standings totals? Many thanks!

Jason LaBella   March 21 at 2:11pm

I thought I had it in here, but apparently that section on the About tab got wiped. Your series division is the division that you play the most. In the past I handled the math on my own, but this year with DGS it is a little trickier. I'm working on finding a way to automate a solution.

Ben Storey   March 23 at 2:59pm

Thanks, Jason! What if the tourneys played are split evenly between two divisions? Top two players in MA4 will have even numbers of MA3 and 4 after Saturday. Tie for classification goes to higher division or the division we score the most points in? Classification tie goes to current PDGA rating maybe? Lots of fun with excel spreadsheets, it seems. Thanks for biting that bullet for us!