Maverick 2023 Disc Golf Series presented by GRIPeq

February 26, 2023 - July 1, 2023   ·   8 events

About this series

Earn points throughout the season to win GRIPeq bags and more! Points are division specific meaning if you earn points in one division, they will not carry over to another division. C Flex tournaments are rated at 0.5x value points Regular C tiers are rated at 1.0x value points B Tiers are rated at 1.5x points There are currently 10 events that are included in this series. KC Masters Peace is not included as it does not have all divisions available. Top 6 events are counted. Current prize 'purse' is: One GRIPeq A or B series bag for the overall points winner. The overall points leader does NOT also receive a G/G2 bag (see below) Eight GRIPeq G/G2 bag total. They will be awarded to the eight divisions with the highest point leaders reside. Therefore it is possible that a division may not win a bag if there are eight other divisions with a points leader that has ...
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