2023 ApeX Doubles Point Series

March 18, 2023 - October 7, 2023   ·   10 events

About this series

The 2023 ApeX Doubles Point Series will consist of: 6 League Events and 4 Tournaments Players will earn points for Participation in an event, Beating other teams in their respective divisions, Shooting a Hot Round, Hitting Aces and Placing on the Podium. PARTICIPATION- 10pts Each Team will receive 10 points automatically for attending and completing an event in addition to any other points awarded. (Capped at 50 pts) HOT ROUND- 2pts Each Team will receive 2 points if they have the lowest score in their division. Hot Round bonus points are per round, so if an event has 2 rounds, then 4 Hot Round points will be available per division. ACES- 10pts Each Team will receive 10 for each Ace they hit during any event (including the Birdie Blitz) VICTORY- 1pt Each Team will receive 1 point for each player they beat in their division. (Example: The Team finishing 2nd place out ...
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