2023 ApeX Doubles Point Series

March 18, 2023 - October 7, 2023   ·   10 events

About this series

The 2023 ApeX Doubles Point Series will consist of: 6 League Events and 4 Tournaments Players will earn points for Participation in an event, Beating other teams in their respective divisions, Shooting a Hot Round, Hitting Aces and Placing on the Podium. PARTICIPATION- 10pts Each Team will receive 10 points automatically for attending and completing an event in addition to any other points awarded. (Capped at 40 pts) (participation points will always be 1x regardless of event modifiers) HOT ROUND- 2pts Each Team will receive 2 points if they have the lowest score in their division. Hot Round bonus points are per round, so if an event has 2 rounds, then 4 Hot Round points will be available per division. ACES- 10pts Each Team will receive 10 for each Ace they hit during any event (including Birdie Blitz) VICTORY- 1pt Each Team will receive 1 point for each player they ...
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