Greater Vancouver Cup 2023

December 3, 2022 - July 29, 2023   ·   5 events

About this series

Quick update - The summer has gotten away from me and have personal things coming in the middle of November which means I won’t be able to schedule anything until 2024. I WILL be hosting 2 more events in the first half of 2024 to close out the series. This obviously wasn’t my intent, and I know the series hasn’t been as organized as I had hoped. This was a much larger and more time consuming commitment than I expected. Appreciate the patience and see you the first half of 2024. Welcome to the first annual Greater Vancouver Cup, a series of events where you earn points for a payout at the end of the season! (including am's) Every participant earns 10 base points for being registered for the event. You earn 2 points for every player you beat in your division. Points earned in a division do not transfer to another division*. Your best 5 point scoring events count towards your to ...
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