Fly Guy North Carolina Amateur Tour Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

February 12, 2022 - October 1, 2022   ·   10 events

About this series

Point Series for Amateurs that spans North Carolina through 10 events. Point calculation Add points based on a formula Points will be calculated automatically using a customized Series formula. 0 starting points Each player will start with this number of points. Points can be added or subtracted based on the settings below. 0 minimum points Each player will receive at least this number of points automatically. This applies only when a player's total points do not reach this minimum. 2 point(s) added for each player beaten Each player will receive this number of points for each player they beat in their division. Example 1 point = The player finishing 2nd place out of 10 will receive 8 points because 8 players are behind them. 0 point(s) subtracted for each player who finished higher Each player will lose this number of points for each player who beats them in the ...
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