2021 CanDiscGolf Nationals Satellite Event

July 9, 2021 - July 9, 2021   ·   4 events

About this series

++ CanDiscGolf NATIONALS SATELLITE EVENTS ++ Affiliate associations from all of Canada have committed to hosting either a two-day or a three-day event over the weekend of July 9-11 that will feature a unified national tournament experience from coast-to-coast. You can keep track of all the CanDiscGolf Nationals Satellite Events by following our Disc Golf Scene Series Page - PLEASE NOTE: The fees associated with this shared experience are inline with the costs that competitors would normally experience at a PDGA A-tier event. However, we will not be adding the typical added Pro Cash to each of these events. In almost every case these events will be hosted as C-tier Sanctioned events. ONLY the Atlantic event will be hosted as an A-tier, as that was our original Canadian Nationals Disc Golf Championship location for 2021. ++ ENTRY FEES ++ All Amateur divisions: $125 C ...
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