WV Chain Gang Weekly Series

May 10, 2019 - June 28, 2019   ·   7 events

About this series

This will be a weekly C-Tier at various Willamette Valley courses.

Flex Start beginning at 10am at the latest
Three Players Needed per card
UDisc will be used for scoring and Scorecard will need to be texted or emailed to TD.

$5 Maximum Event Fees
Remaining Buy-in goes to Payouts!
100% Payout for ALL DIVISIONS
!!The more players the less the fees and the more the payouts!!


Payouts are a Coupon Code for dynamicdiscs.com
Codes will be emailed to Players by 6pm the Monday after the event
Codes can be held, stacked and combined on one purchase BUT codes can only be used on ONE purchase and there is NO carry over! Meaning if you have a $10 code and purchase only a $5 item you would lose the remaining $5 credit