2019 Grand Rapids Disc Golf Tour

April 7, 2019 - November 2, 2019   ·   7 events

About this series

Series will consist of either 7 or 8 events. Players must play 3 events, in either the Professional or Amateur divisions, to qualify for end of year payouts. Points will be awarded according to the place a competitor finishes in a single event and then be totaled up for their best score of three events. If a player plays more than three events, then the lowest score will be dropped from their overall score. Points will be totaled up into one of two Tour divisions: Professional or Amateur. Points cannot be carried over from one division to the other. Each division has their own specific points increments. Points are awarded as follows: MA1 - 4 MA2 - 1.5 MA3 - 1 MA40 - 4 MA50 - 5 MA55 - 6 MA60 - 6 All Am women div. - 6 All Open women div. - 8 All Open men div. - 5 All points updates will be released on the Lumberjack Discs Facebook group page as an official Tour post. T ...
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