john dexter gallager

Michigan, USA Righty - backhand

john's reviews

Kingsley Civic Center South › November 18, 2010
great mix of holes, front is a bit open and longer.,.,.back is a bit tight and wooded, besides elevation, this course gives you alot of lot variation practice
Hickory Hills › November 9, 2010
22 holes of AWESOMENESS.,.,.,and a couple of poopy ones, lol.,.,.sorry 6 and 18, you guys gotta go!!!
Garbage Hill › November 9, 2010
very cool considering the limitations of space and materials, these guys did an AWESOME job putting this place together, except marc, he just sat around complaining, LOL, JK bro, this place is a gem, i am soo lucky to be a member of this club and to have donated one of my baskets to get acess to this place, just outside TC, yet, you feel miles and miles away from civilization.,.,allgood