kris kuykendall

Wisconsin, USA Lefty - Backhand and forehand

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Picture of Hole_1 Hole 1 at Lustig Park · Janesville, WI
September 19, 2011 with a Vector
9 witnesses
Group of four, two in another group of four, Aaron Stone, Andrew Glass and Britney Pankhurst were the witness'. It was a butt to pin throw with perfect hyzer right into the basket.
Picture of Hole_6 Hole 6 at Lustig Park · Janesville, WI
August 5, 2011 with a Champion Roadrunner
6 witnesses
Did not have a pen and neither did anyone else around. The group of 2 behind my son and I witnessed it as well as the group of 3 teeing off on 7.
Picture of Hole_18 Hole 18 at Lustig Park · Janesville, WI
July 19, 2010 with a Champion Sidewinder
1 witness
Perfect turnover from Anhyzer to hyzer, didnt fade just stalled with tail wind and sat in bucket.