Connor Norris

Mississippi, USA Righty - forehand

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Ace 11/9/14
Ace 7/17/14
Ace 7/9/14
Ace 5/19/14

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-7 47
May 19 '18
Downtown Jasper Urban DGC · Jasper, AL
2018 Blue Course, 18 holes
-4 50
May 19 '18
Downtown Jasper Urban DGC · Jasper, AL
2018 Red Course, 18 holes
-9 52
Jul 1 '17
Latimer Lakes · Horn Lake, MS
Main course, Regular Tees, 20 holes


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PDGA# 62865


VIP Boatman

175g - used

Stable FH, Overstable BH, from 360 or less

VIP Boatman

173g - used

Hyzer flip FH from 380 or in, Stable FH 350 or less

Tournament Giant

170g - new

Overstable FH and BH, 350 ft. or less

Tournament King

169g - new

Distance backhands, 350 and up

VIP Stag

175g - used

Straight to understable FH, 260 and in. Straight to stable BH 280 and in.

VIP Underworld

173g - used

Hyzer flip, turnover shots from 310 or less. Hammers flips (tomahawks) from 260 and in.

Tournament World

173g - used

Overstable FH from 350 or less.

Tournament World

170g - used

Straight to stable FH from 380 or less

VIP World

168g - new

Straight to stable FH from 360 or less

VIP World

173g - used

My go to distance driver. Hyzer flip, straight to stable FH from 420 and in.

VIP World

174g - new

Hyzer flip, S shots from 400 or less.

ESP Buzzz

174g - used

Hammers (tomahawks) 330 or less

VIP Tursas

174g - used

Rollers,anhyzer BH from 260 in. DEAD straight FH from 240 in.


176g - used

Wind driving putter BH from 200 in, putting putter.

Swan 2

175g - used

hyzer flip, dead straight BH from 230 in. Dead straight putts.

Favorite clubs

Favorite courses

Ballard · Tupelo, MS