Wayne Russell

Georgia, USA Righty - backhand

Wayne's reviews

Little Mulberry DGC › July 16, 2014
This is a great course that will require every shot in your bag. Kudos to the designers, constructors, and managers of this course and its first tournament. Too many people to name but all well deserving.
Steele Creek Park › April 11, 2012
Alexander Park › June 11, 2011
This is one of the best maintained courses in the city.
Old Peachtree Walk › May 1, 2016
Understand that this course is not a DISC golf course and was created for lid play. All players use an Ultimate Players Association (UPA) approved 175g Ultimate Frisbee. It is the skill of the player, not what is in his bag that differentiates him/her on this course. Designed by the leagues Champion, you would be surprised how the risk/reward scenario plays out on this course. It is a ton of fun to play though the league is now defunct. Anyone wanting to play a round should contact me and I will ...
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