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Picture of Hole_8 Hole 8 at Terrace Park · Traverse City, MI
June 5, 2017 with a DX Shark
1 witness
Just playing a few holes at lunch with Yoda. Just grabbed 1 disc to play with. DX Shark. 1st ace in a while, Made my day
Picture of Hole_1 Hole 1 at Terrace Park · Traverse City, MI
October 6, 2013 with a Blizzard Champion Boss
2 witnesses
Gregg Hosfeld and Shelly Smith came over to play the course. Hos had input on the course while it was being designed but this would be the first time playing it. My first throw on hole #1 ACE. Made it more special that it happened while G Hos was there.
Picture of Hole_5 Hole 5 on Carly's Playground at Mt. Holiday · Traverse City, MI
May 15, 2013 with a Dart
3 witnesses
Downhill with a slight bend to the right it knicked the tree next to it and kicked in the bucket. Another blind ace but heard it hit solid :O)
Picture of Hole_13 Hole 13 at Terrace Park · Traverse City, MI
August 24, 2012 with a DX Stingray
1 witness
Downhill and over high brush Split the v in a tree and flat into the chains. 2nd ace in less than 2 weeks after a dry spell of years without one.
Picture of Hole_15 Hole 15 at Kingsley Civic Center South · Kingsley, MI
August 18, 2012 with a Champion Roadrunner
3 witnesses
Knew it was a good throw but the basket could not be seen from the tee. Awesome to find it in the bucket. 1st tournament ace!