Dustin Wheeler

South Dakota, USA Righty - backhand

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Ace 11/10/09
Ace 9/21/09
Ace 8/25/09
Ace 8/21/09
Ace 7/27/09
Ace 7/22/09

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-4 23
Jan 26 '10
Fantle Memorial · Yankton, SD
Regular tees, 9 holes Doubles
-12 15
Aug 10 '09
Fantle Memorial · Yankton, SD
Regular tees, 9 holes
-6 21
Aug 10 '09
Fantle Memorial · Yankton, SD
Regular tees, 9 holes


Kyle N    July 28, 2009 at 8:47pm

you are playing like a pro these days
three aces in less than a week??? kidding me?
we are playing tonight...then going to watch some baseball.
bring your A game.




175g - new

Star Boss

174g - new

Elite Z Force

173g - new

Champion Groove

174g - new

Long Drives and holes that dog leg left


150g - used

Nothing really, just a spare disc that if i take someone out golfin and they dont have a disc i let them use it

Star Roadrunner

175g - new


172g - worn

just under 300' drives that are straight


171g - worn

straight drives or drives that need a litte curve to the right 270-330'

Champion Valkyrie

175g - used

Long shots that require a anhyzer, the disc gets a great S curve for me and some really good distance on open shots

Elite X Buzzz

172g - new


172g - used

Midrange straight shots, approach shots, real straight shooter


150g - used

Midrange shots that require some type of hyzer, the disc will curve more than the kite, also an approach shooter


150g - used

long putts and putts that require a hyzer, and even when teeing off on short holes


166g - used

my day in and day out putter, its soft and a straight shooter

Favorite clubs

Favorite courses

Cottonwood Park · Yankton, SD
Fantle Memorial · Yankton, SD
Tuthill Park · Sioux Falls, SD