Josh Peterson

Wyoming, USA Righty - backhand

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Ace 6/6/14
Placed 11/2/13

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+1 28
Jun 21 '14
Dry Creek Parkway · Cheyenne, WY
Front Nine, 9 holes
+3 30
Jun 17 '14
Fort Collins High School · Fort Collins, CO
Regular tees, 9 holes
+1 28
Jun 15 '14
Arapahoe Community College · Littleton, CO
Regular tees (purple), 9 holes


Zach Meeker    February 8 at 11:09pm

Josh, the City is working on painting them. One did get stolen it seems, but that was back around 10/15/14 and the City is working on replacing it.

Josh Peterson   February 8 at 11:42pm

Oh good. I was pissed. Lol. Glad to hear it. Any idea when they will be back in play? Also I would like to run a trilogy challenge in June 13. Just wanted to get the word out. Have a good night.


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Battle Ridge · Bozeman, MT
Cascade Forest · Bend, OR
Dry Creek Parkway · Cheyenne, WY
Mylar Park · Cheyenne, WY
Pine Nursery · Bend, OR
Romero Park · Cheyenne, WY
Rose Park · Bozeman, MT
Sunnyside Park · Pullman, WA