T.J. Brom

Iowa, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

T.J.'s reviews

Edmundson Park › April 22, 2013
This is my home course and I've spent literally hundreds of hours working on this course over the years. As of late, hard times have fallen on this once great place. Since the streets department took over for the park superintendent, not much is done as far as grooming this park. In my eyes, it appears this course is dieing a very slow death. Numerous trees have been removed, baskets are being mildly vandalized and technology is making this course obsolete. What used to be tough holes are now no ...
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Chautauqua City Park › April 17, 2013
This is a much better course now that they have made it into an 18 hole course. Rather short course with lots of technical shots. My rating would be higher if it were not for the baskets on the front 9, which are the older single chain Discatchers, and holes 7 & 8 whose fairways cross each other.
Sandy Dunes › April 17, 2013
I was the co-designer of this course when it originally went in. The course has changed dramatically for the worse over the past few years. The wooded areas that provided the difficulty have been cleared out to the point that there is really no challenge left. The only thing saving this from an 'F' are the 3 still decent holes on this course and the historical aspect of the natural sand dunes. Don't make a special trip to play this course but if you are in the area, it may be worth stopping for a really quick round.