Scott Ruskanen

Wyoming, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Scott's aces

Scott has posted 4 aces.
Picture of Hole_8 Hole 8 at Casper DGC · Casper, WY
October 18, 2014
$156 cash
Picture of Hole_4 Hole 4 at Casper DGC · Casper, WY
November 27, 2013 with a Champion Boss
2 witnesses
5 to 10 mile an hour headwind.... 315 " a very nice fish hook skip against the wind.
Picture of Hole_5 Hole 5 at Casper DGC · Casper, WY
May 25, 2013 with a Polaris LS
2 witnesses
160 gram polaris..LSFar east placement... no wind, 55 degrees, sent it kind of high with power... started hyzer and leveled out... then broke slightly into the chains!
Picture of Hole_2 Hole 2 at Casper DGC · Casper, WY
September 4, 2012 with a Star TeeRex
1 witness
I ignored a 20 mph headwind and sank it stright in! Just redyed my teerex and it must have made my disc magic! 288 feet.