Kyle Williams

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Avalanche Preserve Recreation Area › October 21, 2014
I have seen a lot of courses across Michigan. After playing Avalanche Preserve two things came to my mind. The first was that it was an absolutely gorgeous area, the second was that it has potential for more. It seemed like the course was laid out very well, wrapping around the natural hiking area of Avalanche Preserve. It is not very often you see a disc golf course put in without at least taking a couple trees out here and there. It seems they have done a fantastic job of protecting the a ...
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Mt. HolidayCarly's Playground › June 21, 2012
Loved the Blue to Blue layout!
Flip City › April 9, 2012
Love this course, it's challenging and well kept! Definitely the best around, always end up donating more than a dollar every time I play it.
Sleepy Hollow State Park › May 25, 2011