Michael Sutton

Michigan, USA Righty - forehand

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#2 Hyzer

177g - new

Glows & Floats

DX Archangel

164g - new

Avenger SS

174g - new

My main driver

Elite Z Crush

169g - worn

For navigating Rolling Hills of the tee.


176g - new

DX Eagle

168g - beat

flipping out of bush


169g - new

DX Valkyrie

171g - beat

ProLine Wraith

172g - used

Elite Z Xpress

- new

Elite Z Buzzz

178g - new

ESP Wasp

178g - worn

Elite X Putt'r

172g - new

Rubber Putter

172g - worn

Soon to be relegated to glowing & floating only

S Voodoo

169g - new

Pro D Zone

166g - new

Favorite clubs

Favorite courses

Charlie Vettiner Park · Louisville, KY
Rolling Hills County Park · Ypsilanti, MI