Dave Foster

Ohio, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Dave's reviews

Lakeview Pines › August 18, 2013
This course could be a really cool layout with a chainsaw and a weed whipper.
If you have trouble walking or are overweight don't play here. On 8 and 9 you have to use a rope to walk down a very steep hill in the woods. But anyway there just needs to be some time spent cleaning up a lot of fallen trees and creating fairways in the woods and building steps with that wood on holes 2, 8, and, 9. Then this will be a A rated course easy!
Crockett Park › August 17, 2013
Let's just start off by saying the park is groomed well it's a beautiful open for the most part course you have some cool tunnel shots in the woods for maybe 3 holes but everything else allows you to throw out wide. I had a ton of fun!
Fontanel Mansion & Farm › August 17, 2013
This course was really tough. A good mix of open and wooded shots also some shots that hug the river. I see a few bad ratings I really wouldn't thake those reviews in to consideration. This is a hard course so if you don't like a challenge, just dont come here, dont post a bad review about it. The only things that I think should be changed are , there should be back up tee pads for one and two because if cars are parked in the grass for overflow parking you have to throw up to or over them. So ...
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Sanders Ferry Park › August 16, 2013
This course was a blast. A lot of open shots and 4 or 5 holes that hug or clear water. The baskets are great too.
I will play this course first the next time I am out here.
Cedar Hill Park › August 16, 2013
Wow this course will really test your skill and my score shows I have no skill haha.
Lots of trees at the end of open fairways and very narrow fairways at that.
I will for sure play this course again with a ton of respect for it.
Two Rivers Park › August 15, 2013
There is not enough signage for the course that's my only complaint. This course has som really fun routs for every hole. Its in a really hilly city park just look at the pictures.it reminds me of malone university in ohio. I had a ton of fun
Seven Oaks › August 15, 2013
This was a beautiful course a prefect mix of open and wooded shots
I will definitely play this next time I come down here.
Now I'm off to play Two Rivers.
Griggs Reservoir Park › August 11, 2013
Deer Lakes Park › August 2, 2013
I have never seen a wooded course so clean. It was a pleasure to play!
Malone University › October 13, 2011
Arboretum-Spiker Park › October 13, 2011