Robert Duck

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Robert has posted 3 aces.
Picture of Hole_10 Hole 10 at J.C. Park · Kentwood, MI
September 26, 2011 with a Super Roc
2 witnesses
I shot between the two trees off the tee pad utilizing the old Mando, I didnt see it go in but I heard it. and when my kid turned around and said that was awesome I said its in and we both ran to the basket. I was so happy because I have been trying over the years to Ace this hole it seemed it would never happen as I watched countless of friends do it. Good Day of golf and my best score at this park ever. Having fun I guess is the answer.
Picture of Hole_14 Hole 14 at Old Farm Park · Grand Rapids (Kentwood), MI
August 20, 2010 with a Champion Valkyrie
2 witnesses
It floated so nice thought it was close didnt hear chains but as we walked up in the basket. It was so cool
Picture of Hole_5 Hole 5 at Old Farm Park · Grand Rapids (Kentwood), MI
July 14, 2010 with a Star Eagle
3 witnesses
I yelled so loud my dog pissed himself