Patrick Blazek

Colorado, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Ace 6/4/15
Ace 3/2/11
Ace 3/17/09

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-7 48
Mar 5 '11
Fountain Hills Park · Phoenix, AZ
Memorial Championship (2010), 18 holes
-4 56
Mar 4 '11
Vista Del Camino Park · Scottsdale, AZ
Vista XL, 18 holes
-4 51
Mar 3 '11
Fountain Hills Park · Phoenix, AZ
Memorial Championship (2010), 18 holes


PDGA# 25325

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2016 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships
August 6 · Emporia, KS
PDGA Major singles tournament
Pre-registered, Open division
2016 Colorado State Championships-Presented by Disc Golf Colorado
September 17 · Denver, CO
PDGA A-Tier singles tournament
Pre-registered, Open division


BioFuzion Enforcer

172g - new

Longer bombing shots into headwinds or big hyzers. Most trustworthy driver on the market!

Lucid Escape

174g - worn

400-450ft straight as an arrow fairway shots. Amazing disc! So much glide and control!

Lucid Felon

174g - used

Hyzers, Hyzers, Hyzers. 300-375ft mainly. Decent glide for the stability, very trustworthy.

Gold Havoc

173g - used

Distance Rollers, so easy to roll!

Gold Stiletto

171g - worn

Side arms that I need to finish with strong hyzer or skip shots for side arm.


173g - used

Distance drives. Long S shots. Crushes in tailwinds and left to right winds.


180g - used

Super straight to anhyzer shots from about 280-350ft. One of my favorite discs on the market!


178g - new

Insanely stable drives and upshots under 275ft. This thing doesn't turn over and can hold up in any wind.


178g - worn

Back hand hyzers anywhere from 100-350ft and touch side arm upshots from 100-250ft. Slightly overstable with glide.

Lucid Truth

180g - worn

Super straight shots from 300-370ft, so glidey and controllable, amazing disc!


180g - used

Overstable mid shots that still need some glide. Great compliment to my truth. Can hold up pretty good in a headwind. Typically used from 250-350ft.


174g - worn

Putting, nice stability but still has glide


175g - used

Longer tee shot putter drives. 200ft-350ft, So straight, fast, and glidey!

Swan 1

174g - worn

Super touchy and glidey, great for slower arm speed upshots and anhyzers. Usual sits quickly when it land, minimal rolling.

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Beaver Ranch · Conifer, CO