Monkey Michael Gary

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Monkey's reviews

Bertha Brock County Park › May 9, 2015
My new favorite course. Challenging and will require as other have stated all throws fairways are starting to come in great as more people play it. As others have stated I too would like to see cement pads, but the carpet is better then the ground. There is some benches now. Very hilley very wooded. Bring your mental game and have fun.
Begg Park › December 20, 2014
Fitzgerald Park › October 7, 2013
With some cement pads it would diffently be a A course like the new layout lots of memorable holes!
Hideaway Hills › September 23, 2012
great terran. elevated and wooded shots, had a great time playing this course.
Robert Morris › June 23, 2012
Lincoln Park › May 17, 2012
what can i say nice walk decent lines nothing to hard! if ur a beginer and need somewhere to start this is the place