Jacob Zomberg

Michigan, USA Righty - backhand

Jacob's reviews

Paw Paw Park › August 8, 2013
Everything you ever wanted in a disc golf course.
Flip City › July 8, 2012
By far the best maintained course. Offers everything except water hazards.
Mason County ParkBeauty › July 8, 2012
Beautiful course. Offers good mix of short holes, long holes, open holes, wooded holes. Plus you can't go wrong with a view of Lake Michigan!
Fallasburg Park › June 17, 2012
Fun course! Challenging, probably not the best course to bring someone just learning the game. Love the long long holes where you can really just launch them.
Winstrom Preserve › June 17, 2012
Sure they may have taken down a bunch of trees, but it's not bad at all. They left some trees up in challenging spots which opens the game up to all player levels. Not real easy to navigate so be sure to go with someone who has played it before.
Shore Acres Park › June 17, 2012
Fun course - one hole plays right over the old "haunted Junction Insane Asylum". Look out for melonheads! Challenging and fair - LOVE the long tee pads. Offers both wooded and open holes and great views of the Felt Mansion.
Riverside ParkMain course › June 17, 2012
Fun course as long as you don't mind going into a pond to get your disc on a few of the holes at the end. Tests your accuracy pretty good. Majority of holes are fairly open and being right up against the Grand River completes the ambiance.
J.C. Park › August 4, 2016
Fun course for the intermediate to advanced player. Offers some long holes and short holes with plenty of obstacle. Careful in the fall, when ALL the leaves are on the ground it may be easy to lose your disc - even on a decent throw. Overall a must-play for anyone who loves the game.
Hughes Park › June 17, 2012
Keep any and all fairway/distance drivers in the bag. It's strictly a mid-range course. It is fun, decent amount of obstacles. Keep an eye out for other golfers sharing the same basket.
Earl W. Brewer ParkNorth course › June 17, 2012
Sucks that a few of the holes are still in the really muddy area of the park. But if you catch it on a good drought it's a fun course. More wooded than the South course. I am a BIG fan of the changes made.
Earl W. Brewer ParkSouth course › June 17, 2012
FUN FUN FUN! The changes are great, I like that a few of the holes are 500+ feet.
Cascade Township Park › June 17, 2012
It's a fun simple course to do, especially when the wind is low and the amount of "picnic-ers" is low too.
Heritage Park › June 5, 2012
Very nice **NEW** course. Short play ~60min for 18 holes with a full team. Very clean. Thankfully it is not 420 friendly. Gives great exposure to the sport to a crowd that wouldn't otherwise know much about it.
Old Farm Park › July 17, 2011
I enjoy the course. It's short, but offers a lot. There are open holes to test your driving distance, there are wooded holes to test your accuracy, even water hazards!