Joel Wesseling

Arizona, USA Righty - backhand

Joel's reviews

Los Olivos › March 26, 2012
Show Low DGC › September 27, 2011
The course is too wooded...some of the shots seem like blind luck.
Emerald Park › July 31, 2011
Nicely kept park with grassy playing area. Fairly plain, but a good time.
Fountain Hills Park › July 25, 2011
Really nice, grassy course surrounding a big lake. It has a great variety of shots, ranging from 200-550ish ft. The area is very pleasant with some looming mountains in the distance...picturesque.
Vista Del Camino Park › July 17, 2011
In great shape. Lots of grass and a variety of shots. Very long. Lot of water and potential to lose discs.
Sugar Creek Park › June 25, 2011
Very new course. Trees are planted but aren't yet a factor. Very open, but also very long during the second half of the course.
Moeur Park › July 16, 2011
Nice that it has several holes along the creek. Very hot because there is no shade. Not a lot of large obstacles. I was able to figure out where all of the holes were, which was nice.
Crestmont › June 14, 2011