Ryan Cole

Oregon, USA Righty - forehand

Ryan's aces

Ryan has posted 3 aces.
Picture of Hole_5 Hole 5 at Trojan Park · Rainier, OR
August 25, 2012 with a Gold Trident
3 witnesses
Actually aced hole set up on a temporary tournament course in Alton Baker park, Eugene (2012 Food Toss). Shot was a blind Ace on a short dogleg right; happened during the afternoon round.
Picture of Hole_4 Hole 4 at Whistler's Bend · Roseburg, OR
July 12, 2011 with a Gold Trident
1 witness
The round before on my second shot I hit the basket with this disc (Jared also hit the basket on his practice throw), so I used the same disc on the second time around, aimed at the ground near the middle of the dog leg and got it to skip in (basket was on mound).
Picture of Hole_3 Hole 3 at Westmoreland · Eugene, OR
June 17, 2009 with a Raging Inferno
5 witnesses
In "B" position. First ACE for me! Long forehand to the left and bounced in off the grass.