Andrew Stocklin

New Jersey, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Andrew's reviews

Mercer County Park › April 9, 2021
Mercer County Disc Golf Course is a great course, especially for beginners, because the shot selection is diverse, but does not require a huge arm. In the woods, the shots are difficult, but holes 1, 14, and 18 are generally the same. If those holes were changed slightly to be different, I believe it would make the course better. The shorts are a lot easier than the longs, but not by much. Other than that, the course is very clean and the fairways are clearly cut out. I love that there is a fiel ...
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Ockie Wisting Recreation Complex › March 9, 2021
Ockie Wisting has potential. The holes are pretty diverse with a mixture of long and short holes, along with OB water and some other additional OB and a mandatory. It's not the most challenging course, but I had a ton of fun playing in a tournament there. My recommendation is to use mostly putters and midranges because the holes are generally short; there are a few par 4's, one being over the water, so a driver could be used. There are also a few open holes that a driver could be used on. My onl ...
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Alcyon WoodsAlcyon Woods › February 23, 2021
Alcyon Woods is very similar to Stafford Woods. It will require all the shots in your bag and is highly wooded. The teepads are pavers so they provide grip and stability. There are also a range of distances throughout the course. If you stay on the fairway, you will be rewarded, but miss your line by 2 feet, it will be scramble mode 100%. My only complaint is the abundance of glass bottles on the course, but overall it's a really nice course!
Doc Cramer DGC › January 17, 2021
Doc Cramer is a great disc golf course because it requires a variety of shots and placements. Stay on the fairway and you will be rewarded, but miss your line by 5 feet and it could kick you into trouble. The ground is sandy and becomes muddy and puddles at times, but the volunteers are making the course better every time they can. I love the tight wooded shots like hole 6, along with the more wide open shots like 11 and 18.
Stafford Woods › August 31, 2020
This course deserves an A+ because of its demand for accuracy and distance control. A great number of holes (14) are wooded and require a certain tee shot or placement shot, while 4 of the holes are wide open to allow for bigger arms to grip it and rip it. The pond is a great touch to the course and is pulled for discs very diligently by the Stafford Woodpeckers, who also cut the grass and tree limbs that fall. By far my favorite course I have played!!