Bret Holbrook

Michigan, USA Righty - forehand

Bret's reviews

Cascade Township Park › May 23, 2013
This is NOT a good course. This is the course you play if your within 10 minutes of it and your in a hurry to get a game in. For me, sadly, it's right on my way home from work. First, the course is busy with pedestrians all summer and many holes throw along walking paths, soccer fields, even a playground; Think about how awesome you'd feel after you ripped a great drive. . . . right into a toddler, very imaginable thing to have happen out here. Oh, and let's not forget about the people loit ...
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Flip City › May 23, 2013
The "Field of Dreams"! This course is absolutely beautiful. I can't look at a single hole out there and recommend a better layout. A LOT of diversity in the type of throws you will make, this course challenges me every time. Right when I think I'm going to nail my best out there I will get into some trouble and find myself buckling down more on the next round. I know the big-armed pro's don't like to see these high ratings because there are a lot of holes you can do huge heizers and basical ...
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Old Farm Park › November 10, 2010
This is a truly mediocre course. Mostly short with annoying mando's. Several holes you are throwing right through where the next hole is tee'ing off. Also this is a busy park and a few holes you either throw towards pedestrians or over their walking path. I will say the layout is good with what little space they had to work with so it has good variety.
Fallasburg Park › May 30, 2013
Let's be clear, this is THE best course in the Greater GR area. Great elevation changes. Long, short, and technical holes. Overall amazing layout and experience makes this my "go-to" course all summer long. The bad: This course is gaining in popularity and following the "Brewer" path. Rude mob golfers are on the rise throwing their garbage and shit everywhere, tossing garbage cans down hills and smashing them with their feet. I am sick of picking up beer cans thrown 5 feet from a garbage ...
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