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Texas, USA Righty - backhand

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PDGA# 109035


Star Beast

- beat

Long, open S-Curves. Reaper drawn in sharpie. Had this for years.

Paul McBeth Star Destroyer

170g - used

Long hyzers. Spike hyzers. Go to forehand driver. Arm speed not enough to really make this thing dance but it works for what I use it for and feels great in the hand. Plus its purple!

Star Firebird

171g - used

Forehand drives and upshots. Forehand spike hyzers. Thumbers. Short backhand spike hyzers. What else do you say about a Firebird? Best utility disc in the world. Can do so much with it.

Star Teebird

173g - used

Best fairway driver ever. Love the Teebird. Multi-functional. Great at shaping lines. Can do so many things with a good Teebird.

Champion Thunderbird

169g - used

Love my Thunderbird. Just very predictable and trustworthy.

Star Valkyrie

- beat

Found this a few years back. Scribbles all over the bottom. No legible number. Turns out it might be my favorite driver that I have. Still has decent stability for as beat in as it is. Can do virtually anything with this disc. Absolutely love it.

CFR Glow Wraith

- beat

Got this from a buddy way used. But still stable and I love it. Markings everywhere. Faded Tournament stamp. Great disc. Hyzers, flex shots, you name it.

Opto Anchor

178g - worn

Mid range shots with a smooth easy fade.

Champion Mako3

180g - used

Short, high turn-over shots that just kinda settle with little fade. Hyzer flip for straight woodsy tunnels. Hard and flat release for a nice turn-over. Love it.

Glow Roc3

180g - new

Joe Rovere color glow Roc3! Love this thing. And glad to help Joe in his touring efforts. Straight mid with a soft fade. Love rippin this one. First Roc also. Always thought they felt funny in my hand but glad I bought this one.


172g - new

Jawbreaker. Beautiful. Short, tight tunnels. Straight upshots. Love the control.

Swan 1

173g - used

I was so surprised to fall in love with this putter. Pretty blue burst. Cool stamp. I use it as my long-range putter. Circle's edge and beyond, it comes out. Love to jump putt with it. Stand still. Straddle. Uphill. Whatever the situation calls for from distance. So straight on the jumpers. Love it.

Soft Warlock

174g - used

Main putter. Just recently fell in love with the Warlock. Everybody around me is all about the Wizard but I don't like beads. Found the Warlock to be the perfect fit. Just love the feel and consistency. Gateway makes great putters. I can't decipher the Soft, Stupid Soft and all that but mine is "Soft" but it's actually the perfect firmness for me. I don't like soft putters. More of a stiff putter. Used to use P2's and Aviars. But now I love my Warlocks.

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Brent Baca Memorial · Albuquerque, NM
Coleman Park · Brownfield, TX
Dalby Memorial Park · Gillette, WY
General Sibley Park · Bismarck, ND
Grand Vue Park · Moundsville, WV
Graytown Park · Elmendorf, TX
Hobbs Army Airfield · Hobbs, NM
Lamar Park · Corpus Christi, TX
Lions Hillside Park · Bismarck, ND
McClain Park · San Antonio, TX
McKinney Park · Odessa, TX
Optimist · Fort Morgan, CO
Patterson Lake · Dickinson, ND
Pessimist · Fort Morgan, CO
Riverside Park · Victoria, TX
Riverside Park · Brownwood, TX
Riverside park dgc · Brownwood, TX
Roosevelt Park · Albuquerque, NM
Spring Lake Park · Williston, ND
Sunset Park · Mandan, ND
West Guth Park · Corpus Christi, TX
Windlands Park · Midland, TX
Yellow Course · Moundsville, WV
Z Boaz Park · Fort Worth, TX