Brandon Swanson

Wisconsin, USA Lefty/Righty driver, Righty putter - backhand

Brandon's aces

Brandon has posted 2 aces.
Picture of Hole_12 Hole 12 at Adelaide Park · Fond du Lac, WI
7/2007 with a DX Roc
3 witnesses
The ace pool was 90 bucks and someone hit an ace on their first throw and I knew it. It felt good to share the wealth. Probably not for them though. :-(
Picture of Hole_11 Hole 11 at Adelaide Park · Fond du Lac, WI
6/2005 with a Elite Z Buzzz
1 witness
This was my first ace and I was talking to someone, threw without thinking and resumed our conversation while the disc was in the air. I wasn't looking at it and then suddenly thought, "that felt pretty good." Then I turn and watched it hyzer into the chains. I laughed.