Steve Blink

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Steve's reviews

TGC › October 17, 2012
Has a few baskets now. Going to clean things up. 5-6 more baskets and the hole course would be playable with baskets. Not a hard course. Pretty easy with only a few holes being difficult. Has some fun lines, lots of ace runs. Best I could do with my property, which isnt much lol. Thinking of designing a different 18 utilizing the large field behind my house. That has the ability to be a tougher course that someone would actually want to play lol.

Whos voting down my review of MY course lol?
Camp Cullom › September 17, 2012
Goldenrod Disc Golf Course › April 15, 2012
I like the course. It features chainstars and great scenery, theres also an eagles nest to be seen on hole 9 (i think not sure on the hole). Quite a few of the holes are well designed, Quite a few, just seem "put in". Some of the lines to hit are just ridiculously tight, even with a great shot you could easily hit a tree. Thing about this course is it seems to be more luck than skill on several holes. Most of the holes are great providing with tough lines yet still doable, and several easy h ...
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Ponder Hills › February 29, 2012
Wonderful course. Beautiful scenery, nicely designed. Must play if you can. ONLY reason mine isn't an A+ is because of the baskets. They are my enemy, the non-chainstairs of course. But this is one of my absolute favorite courses. Love it.