Jesse Matton

Iowa, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Jesse's aces

Jesse has posted 2 aces.
Picture of Hole_6 Hole 6 at Firebird · Coulter, IA
August 4, 2012 with a Star TeeRex
$27 cash
6 witnesses
Had to split $134 with 4 other people. But still my first tournament ace and 2nd of all time so I'm still happy. At least my ace was more than 200 feet unlike the other guys/girl that were jump putt aces haha jk
Picture of Hole_2 Hole 2 at East Park · Mason City, IA
May 21, 2012 with a Elite Z Buzzz
3 witnesses
Not the hole I wanted as my first ever ace, but it still woulda won me $200 ina tournament so I'm still proud of it...