Allen "Big Al" Babikoff  › Will Dicker   August 10, 2010 at 4:25pm

thanks for dropping off my beast in the car at McIver on Sunday. I lost it there about 2 months ago on hole 2E. Then I was playing with you guys at Champoeg 2 weeks ago, when you saw my last name on my disc and said your cousin had my beast, that was just too cool. Something told me on Sunday to leave my window cracked just in case. I went to open my door and their it was on my seat after running into you out there. thanks again for getting back into the bag with it's brothers, they were wondering where he had been for so long without writting or a call. lol Welcome to the scene and hope to see you at Hornings for the ace race this weekend. You have to come and camp with all us it's something to talk about for sometime.