Josh Russell  › McCurdy Park   March 30, 2021 at 10:47pm

Attn disc golfers. After months of hard work Taymouth Twp. Park in Burt, right off M13, has got a huge makeover and is now ready to play. This course now boasts 18 holes with longs and shorts. Teepads are spiked down, extra large, 4 X 10 wall carpet. (This stuff is awesome! ) Freshly painted chainstar baskets. A great mix of holes with 6 out in the park and 12 in the woods. This course now has a landscaped and elevated basket with death putt. 4 single mando's for safety and fun. Several water hazards. 2 exciting risk vs reward double mando's. An ace run hole. A pole hole. A triple mando. And superb island hole surrounded along in front and both sides by creeks. Course info has been updated on disc golf scene and the process has begun on udisc and should be complete in a week or so. But you won't get lost. There is excellent signage and the bottom rung on the baskets is painted pointing the way to go. This is no longer the crap course it used to be. Course amenities and odds and ends work is ongoing.