Fats Sonderfan  › Mallard Park Open presented by Discraft   March 18 at 8:59pm

Will we be able to have a spectator following along? Coming from out of town and wondering if this might be an opportunity for a weekend getaway trip for my partner and I. Not as much point if she can't join me on the course. Thanks!

Fats Sonderfan   March 22 at 4:39pm

Anyone? FWIW, we are both fully vaccinated.

Carolina Halstead   March 26 at 4:04am

Hi, sorry, guess my previous reply didn’t stick. We will be letting everyone know closer to the date but we’re hoping we’ll be good to allow caddies/spectators as long as they follow guidelines.

Fats Sonderfan   March 30 at 3:08am

Thank you. Here's hoping, it would be nice for us both to get away for a bit.