Estevan garcia  › DGPT - OTB Open presented by Innova   February 17 at 6:50am

Will there be spectators??

Sean Jack   February 17 at 4:19pm

We don't know right now. DGPT has a comprehensive CV19 policy. It's based on local ordinances, and a decision will likely be made 2-6 weeks before the event. We are hoping to be a Phase 2 event:

Estevan garcia   February 18 at 7:29pm

Estevan garcia
Ok I live about an hour away hoping to be able to come spectate. If there is spectators are you able to just show up or do u have to pay for tickets??

Shawn Mercy   February 18 at 7:42pm

Estevan, we are hoping to be able to host some number of spectators. If we are able to, we will sell tickets before the event and, if possible, at the gate as well.