Brandon H  › Flood Stage Red VIII   October 24 at 3:10am

This is to all the players that don’t look at, don’t read, or gave me an email they don’t look at.

To the Players:

This years Flood Stage Red is a little different. Hole assignments are up on Please check-in then proceed to your hole. All amateurs can pick up their disc at check-in. Check-in will start at 8:00am.

Please respect all players with our current Covid situation. Six feet, masks, and just be good humans. Please have masks available if you cannot keep six feet apart. One person will be keeping score with and if you would like a back up for scoring please use Udisc.

Log in for scoring will be fsr8

As far as the course goes, the only OB is road and over, dog park, and fence and over. Should only come into play on holes 1, 2, 7, and 18.

We will have approximately an hour for lunch after the last score is confirmed online. Please plan for lunch and any hydration needs. The club will not be providing any food or beverage.

There will be no award ceremony. All top 45 percent of Amateurs per division will be paid out after the second round and be able to cash scrip through No-D-Lay on site. All top 45 percent of Pros will be paid through PayPal. Please make sure your email you used for sign up is the same as your PayPal. If not then make sure I have it before you leave. I will have trophies for 1st place finishers.