2019 Sunday Devotional   November 11, 2019 at 2:44pm

Sunday Devotional FINAL RESULTS

Twas dawn on the eve of Veterans day. The cool sun hung in the sky and the 38 devotees that were left on the planet had to assemble to do battle for the bloodline of devotion. Together they came to a battlefield Knob Hill to throw discs in the air and battle until the end.

And what a scene it was. In the Open division Vinny Montanari was able to move up from 9th to 5th with his blue 60 and white 59.
Patrick Graziani was able to move up from 5th to 3rd with his blue 65 and white 54.

In Advanced Macky De was able to hop up to 3rd with his final white tee round of 58.

Intermediate got the deck shuffled by Josh McAfee. He was able to bounce from 7th to 3rd with his 68, 57 finish.

Liam Russell jumped 9th to 4th posting 67 62.

Final Standings/Leaderboard and points are posted on DGS.

Thank you to all the competitors who joined us this season to make it the best one yet. Thank you to everyone who donated a CTP. Thank you to Nate Langer and Bud Hearne for helping me run the league as well as being course promoters this season! Thank you to the truly devoted the following played with us 20 or more times this season. KB Clark, Robin White, Pat Grazani, Zak S, Howie Kocher, Dennis McCullough, Nick Reyes & Shawn Welker.

I'm looking forward to see some of the competitors challenge themselves in higher divisions next season.

I am planning to run this event again next season, I will make a few tweaks and am hopeful it will be the best season yet. So I am looking forward to that.

Unofficial devo will continue over the winter at Knob Hill. 10am every Sunday.

I have one last surprise (reprise) for this (PDGA) season. Stay tuned.