2019 Sunday Devotional   October 3, 2019 at 5:09pm

Sunday Devotional 10/6/19

We will be joining the Schenley league finals this week!
Our devotional round will be the first round of the day.
We will be playing from the blue tees.
It will be PDGA rated and double points for those participating.
You must pay the schenley league finals fee and 1 additional dollar for the Devotional (Cover PDGA fees).
There will NOT be any devotional league payouts due to Schenley league payouts.
We will not be offering our ACE pot for this round due to the separate Schenley league ACE pot.
You must be registered to participate in this round.
Based on the weather you may be able to fill a vacated spot if you want to play and haven't registered.
Please also sign in with me when you sign in with Schenley league finals. I need your $1.00 and your name on our sheet for you to participate. We will be doing live scoring this week.