2019 Deer Lakes PDGA League   September 11 at 7:47pm

Handicap week results

Mr. Robin White talked the talk and walked the walk, claiming that he had too much handicap and would easily take down the field. Well, his adjusted 45 (54 actual) was just barely enough to take down the win by one stroke over Curtis Spence. A four way tie ensued for the last cash with adjusted 48s. An ace from your fearless leader on hole 12 was not enough with the lowest scratch score of a 49 to take in the cash, but at least he took the lowest score on any of the holes.

We will do another handicap week next week teeing off at 5:15 pm. I think that the handicaps were just a touch off as the people with the 4 lowest handicaps didn't cash, so there will be a slight adjustment for next week. See you out there!