2019 Deer Lakes PDGA League   September 9 at 1:53am

Handicap red tees tomorrow!

There is still daylight left, so lets play some more disc golf. I'll calculate everyone's handicaps based off of their yearly average and we'll play a round from the red tees with everyone in the same division. $6 entry. 5:15 tee off.

Robin WW   September 9 at 11:27am

Would I be eligble for a handicap?

Matt Rosier   September 9 at 12:35pm

Yup! As long as you have played one league round, you will have a handicap. Payouts will be based off of Am. payouts.

Robin WW   September 9 at 1:13pm

And of course its still rated .... ?

Matt Rosier   September 9 at 4:36pm

No. Official league play is complete. Last week was the finals. This is just unofficial play since we still have daylight.