2019 Sunday Devotional   July 22, 2019 at 12:33pm

Sunday Devotional Results 7/21/19

Thank you to the 19 competitor's who joined us on a steamy afternoon at Knob Hill for a white tee round!

The hot round of the day and winner of the Open division with a sizzling 55 was myself. I also had the shot of the day and the first ACE of the devotional season with my perfect sidearm Teerex flick on hole #6 to drain the Ace pot of $235.00.

We will have beer next week! I will also donate something back for a CTP.

Macky De was only a stoke behind in the Advanced division and won against a field of 3 with a sweltering 56!

Gary Hartle vaporized the Intermediate division with a searing 61!

Kurt Poole parked 17c pin to win the CTP of the day and to take home a nice USDGC towel and disc retriever donated by myself.

Looking forward to seeing some more competition next week at our regularly scheduled time of 10am. Announcement to follow