2019 A3Disc Hudson Mills League   June 18, 2019 at 2:25pm

Summer Solstice is Tomorrow!

Hey all,

A couple quick, but important notes for the Summer Solstice Tournament tomorrow!

...both those who wish to play the usual league round and those who wish to play the tournament round will be on the Original Course. To keep pace of play, please do not 'mob' on a card. (4 Players Max)

...it's been a small secret, but we have 50 Custom Stamped Discs for this tournament! Sign up early to make sure you receive one of these discs as your player pack!

...to protect the League Round ACE POOL, it will be unavailable for both the League and Tournament Rounds. We will feature ONLY a Tournament ACE POOL. (There is no option to pay into the League ACE POOL tomorrow)

Message me with any questions!