24 CHA!NS SPRING/SUMMER LEAGUE 2019   May 21 at 7:29pm

5.17.19 RECAP!! 5.24.19 PONDER HILLS!! TEE OFF 6PM!!

Another great pirate round in the books! We had 18 pirates out on the new course at Kensington (South course) and we played 19 holes total (18 for scoring purposes) Taking the W with a -9 was Kernal/Reslock , YAY ME?

BOO this man! Taking $65 of your hard earned $$$ + untold added booty, with an ace on hole #7 (short), OLD MAN FARTSTROM, BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Taking the CTP's were Phipps, Jason, Big Tex & Scobie! Big Tex also stole the quarters!

This week we have been invited to a course that we have greatly been anticipating! Ponder Hills in Howell is this weeks shore in which we will throw plastic things at metal things and hope not to deposit the plastic things into a big wet thing (heh heh). But seriously there is a bit of water at this course so bring some throwers that you aren't going to miss too much. Good news is it is private so you have a better chance of getting said plastic back some day. Don't miss out on this great round, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!