2019 Deer Lakes PDGA League   May 5 at 10:52pm

Live scoring coming to a league near you!

The PDGA is trying to roll out a live scoring web based app which will act as the official scorecard for the group and should help alleviate some of the work required by tournament and league directors. This application is currently in the beta stages, so the PDGA is looking for leagues to try it out and give feedback on the application and have contacted me to see if we could try it out. They are especially interested in how the app does in areas with little to no cell signal, so we are a perfect test case.

If you are able to keep score on your phone through the web based application, please let me know when you sign up. I'll obviously need to make sure that each card has a person able to keep score on their phone on it, so if I could get as many volunteers as possible, that would be awesome. Unfortunately, since this is still in beta, we will need to keep score the traditional way, but if everything works out with the live scoring, it'll be a big help to TDs.

More info can be found at the following link: https://www.pdga.com/help/tournament-management/official-hole-scoring