2019 Deer Lakes PDGA League   March 24 at 10:15pm

Who's ready for disc golf season?!

It's just about time for the 2019 season to start with the first week of league scheduled for April 1st! As a warm-up, we'll have a $5 seeded doubles from the red tees based off of last year's average scores tomorrow, March 25th with tee off at 5:15 sharp. We only have about 2.5 hours worth of daylight, so please be sure to play quickly so that we do not run out of daylight.

This year, there will be only one small change to the rules for the birdie pot. Since the intermediate division rarely comes close to winning the birdie pot, the requirements for the intermediate division will be changed to 4/3/2 holes to be birdied from the red/white/blue tees. If there is any other feedback from others that you would like to see, please let me know.