WC GLOW Fall/Winter 2018-2019   December 18 at 12:25pm

Secret Santa Disc Exchange

Just a reminder:

You have the opportunity to participate in the Secret Santa disc exchange at tomorrow night's league. Completely optional.

Bring a new disc golf related item (typical new disc value is around $15)....wrapped of course. Discs should be new, non-inked, and unthrown.

If you do not have something on hand, I will have our club inventory if you wanted to purchase something and participate.

We will play our league round and then at the conclusion, gifts will be selected....winning scores from the round will have first choice at the "gifts" that were brought (assuming that they participated and brought one themselves).

2nd place will go next, and so on until all gifts have been selected. We have done this for the past few years and I think things have gone well. In addition to that, who does not like getting some new disc golf gear?

See you at Bandemer tomorrow evening.